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Over the course of the past 8 months, our company has hired around 15 refugees from 6 different countries. All of them have been very hard working and dedicated. I have also seen several who have gone on to get their driver’s license and even purchased new vehicles. It is truly amazing watching them grow and become more involved in the American culture. They are all very appreciative to have the opportunity to work for our company and are looking for ways to grow inside the company. I appreciate their efforts and look forward to continuing to grow.

-Jon Townsend | Division Manager, TruTeam

The employment program at World Relief helps to connect refugees to their new communities.  Finding a job meets several needs in the lives of the families we serve.  The most obvious need is that refugees can become self-sufficient.  This is truly a desire of those resettling in the United States and is a primary goal for World Relief.  Our clients often express their aspirations of wanting to give back to their new communities and be engaged in their new culture.  

Many of these men and women, who have been contributing members of society in their home countries, do not want to have to rely on other people or on government systems in order to survive in their new homes.  Finding a job also provides refugees with a sense of worth and accomplishment.  Their children and families can be proud of them.  They take incredible pride in what they do and do not take their responsibilities lightly.

People often focus on barriers to hiring refugees.  They think about the fact that English is not the first language of our clients.  Employers know that there are customs, procedures, and practices in United States employment that may need to be taught and may not come naturally to foreign born employees.  The employment program at World Relief seeks to teach such concepts as interview skills, appropriate hygiene, and common employment practices through Job Readiness classes and continued job coaching.  Our clients are also very motivated and hard working.  Because they take pride in having a job in America and understand the repercussions that not having a job would have on them and their families, they tend to keep their jobs for a significant amount of time and maintain strong work ethic.

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