RACE/ for Refugees

Thousands of refugees arrive to Nashville every year.  They have fled persecution, war, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and incredible loss. Witnessing some of the greatest burdens of mankind, refugees cross borders and oceans with as much as they can carry in just a few bags. Having experienced great fear and deep hope, refugees arrive to Nashville amidst the greatest journey of their lives.

That is where we meet them. That is when we start helping. Will you join us?

Please help World Relief Nashville empower local refugees by raising money and awareness on April 27, 2013 as we participate in the Country Music Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. Members of the RACE/ for Refugees team will get to meet new people who share a similar passion for running and serving refugees.

Your Commitment as a Runner/Walker

Group Run Schedule

There is no deadline for signing up to be on the team (except of course April 28th). If you would like to join the team and run with a purpose, we would love to have you!