Sponsor a Refugee Angel

The refugee journey is a story about the strength of the human spirit. In the face of overwhelming obstacles including physical danger, displacement, and the loss of identity and loved ones, refugee families from all around the world are coming to Nashville in search of a future and a hope. We don’t yet know all they’ve endured or the unique talents they will bring to our country. But we do know they are coming… a beautiful story is unfolding.

Your one-time gift of $240 will restore HOPE and change a life with six months of needed services.

Sponsor Now

Here is how it works:

1.) Your donation is matched by a special grant so that its impact is TRIPLED.

2.) ONE MORE refugee will have six months access to the critical help they need: housing, healthcare, education, employment & volunteer support.

3.) You will receive a THANK YOU reward in the mail to remind you of the impact you have made.

4.)  You will receive email updates with photos and stories of our Refugee Angels as they arrive to Nashville and begin the process of resettlement.

Contact Elizabeth Timbs with questions or for more information.